Kuching for me is a historical city that has beautiful landscapes of nature and also a multiracial city that consists of a diversity of cultures


Kuching for me is a historical city that has beautiful landscapes of nature and also a multiracial city that consists of a diversity of cultures. Kuching is the capital city of the state of Sarawak in Malaysia and only became the capital of Sarawak after it was relinquished to James Brooke, the Governor or Rajah of Sarawak. Kuching is widely known as the “Cat City” which is probably resulted by its name which is said to derive from the word “kucing” which means cat in Malay. Kuching does have a huge population of cats compared to other cities in Malaysia, as you could see stray cats wandering anywhere and everywhere in this city.

Kuching has a mixture of the old and modern architectures and by this it means that buildings that was built back before and during the 20th century are still preserved while at the same time, this city is developing itself towards the modern world with the building of more shopping malls. Places like the Main Bazaar and Carpenter Street are two of the examples of the oldest streets in Kuching. These streets are being occupied by families that had lived there for generations and people there still pursue occupations such as carpentry. Even though most youngsters nowadays prefer to work in offices and live in a big city, it is amazing to still be able to see some young people helping out their family at the stalls. I am more amazed at how these streets are being conserved despite the changes around it which give a chance for the young people and tourists to understand how people lives back in the olden days in Kuching.


Kuching also has a lot languages used by its people due to the fact that it is a multiracial city. Each race speaks their own language such as the Malays speak Bahasa Malaysia and the Chinese speaks Mandarin, but every Kuchingites speak a special language that is only widely spoken in Sarawak which is the Bahasa Sarawak or also known as the Sarawak Malay Language. Almost everyone in Kuching can speak in English. It is also a normal occurrence in which people uses dialects of other races here in Kuching. For example, some Malays could communicate in Chinese. With this, marriage between couple that comes from different races happen quite often in Kuching. So, racism rarely occur in Kuching.

Not only that, Kuching is rich with beautiful scenery of the Mother Nature. Damai beach for example had became one of the tourists attraction in which resorts are built for people to relax and spend time with their family and friends. Other than that, there are caves such as the Wind Cave and the Fairy Cave which people could visit. There are also a few nature reserve at Kuching such as the Semenggoh Nature Reserve which you could see the Orang Utan, which is an endangered species.

Even though Kuching is not as modern as other developed city such as Kuala Lumpur, it is definitely a beautiful city that is worth visiting and living in. I had lived in Kuching since I was born until now, which is a total of 16 years and I had watched as Kuching changes. I remember as a child, the shopping complex that I would always go to was the Hopoh Shopping Centre, but as shopping malls such as The Spring was built, I went there much often as there are more shops that caught my interest. Other than the shopping malls, I love waiting each year for the Kuching Festival where there will be more than a hundred stalls selling various kinds of food from the Malaysian favourites to the Western delicacies. I love the fact that Kuching is a multiracial city because during the festive seasons such as the “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas, I get to visit my neighbours and friends that come from different races and different beliefs. Through that, I get a chance to understand more about my neighbours’ and friends’ cultures and feel the joy of celebrating the festive seasons with them. I also love Kuching because of its nickname as the Cat City. There is actually quite a huge population of cats which satisfy my trait as an ailurophile.

It is true that tourists who visits Kuching would obviously revisit this city especially with the warmth of the citizens that would make tourists feel at home. Even though I am proud of my hometown, Kuching which has stayed a beautiful and peaceful city, I hope for Kuching to continue expanding into a much modern city as I know Kuching has the potential to be one. I am glad to be born in such a wonderful city like Kuching.