Kuching for me is a place where my life began


Kuching for me is a place where my life began, a place where my footprints can be found, a home of love, a paradise of harmony and also a place where I been through ups and downs…  Kuching is a very comfortable place to live in, compared to other modern cities full of high buildings standing mightily on the green earth, skyscrapers scrapping the clear blue sky, but sunlight blocked by dust and haze, peoples suffocated in the midst of dust particles, hazardous gases all around the city by vehicles, planes and copters roaming the land of the city with no sign of fresh air and not a single tree to be found in the heart of the city.

When I was still at the age of naiveness, I enjoyed looking at pictures of modern cities through the web on my iPad and I thought in my heart… “ How I wish to live in a city like that where I can indulge in the middle of tall, beautiful buildings made of reinforced concretes, clear glasses and stay up late at night to enjoy the view of amazing eye-catching city lights enhancing the colour of the nights…”

When I grew older, I started to feel that I’m so lucky to be borned in the city I had dreamed of, my beloved Kuching where we are all free from frightening earthquakes, poisonous concentrated acid rains, and all sorts of pollutions like air pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution.  We have relaxing places with harmonious seaview called Damai & Santubong where they also have their true legend stories behind.

It is my firm belief that Kuchingites has the high quality in every field, we have responsible doctors and nurses, caring teachers, amazing scientists, potential engineers and architects, outspoken lawyers and outstanding students. Furthermore, Kuching, as the capital of the largest state in Malaysia and as well the largest city on the island of Borneo had been breeding lots and lots of love between all our Kuchingites, we share, we care, and we love each other here.

I always have a flashback of what I experienced when I was still at the age of  7, I went lost in a popular shopping mall . This send chills down to my backbones as I thought that I would never be able to meet my family again. As I was looking for my parents and brothers desperately with tears rolling down my face in, the saleswoman at the counter approached me and asked for what am I looking for. I told her I was lost from my family and she gave me a sweet hug. Then she brought me to the customer service counter to make an announcement. Soon after that, my parents rushed to the counter and grabbed me in tears. I felt very lucky happen to meet a kind samaritan like her when I’m in need.

Besides that, it is still a clear memory that when I was 14, my parents brought me to Kuching’s best-known park named  “Taman Sahabat” also be called as “The Park of Friendship” where the statue of Admiral Cheng Ho stands in the middle of it. I was riding my bicycle joyfully until my bicycle’s wheel got onto a stone and I lost my balance so I fell down to the ground.I broke into tears, as my parents are still far behind, suddenly a man came towards me and asked me what happened. I mumbled sadly to him of what had happened. He did nothing but gave me a kind warming smile in his face and he took an antiseptic spray out of his bag and sprayed some on my injured knee. After that, my parents arrived and they thanked him for lending me a helping hand.


Kuching for me, is also a place where we all unite. Kuching is a paradise of harmony with dozens of hopes and wills colouring the land. Kuchingites are the best of examples of united people, although we have a diverse of cultures, varieties of believes and enormous number of  religions, our bonds will never be easily broken. Through years of ups and downs happening to us, we never ever stop our unity and not more to say we ever choose to give up on our bonds and born hatreds between each other. Reality tells that no matter what we had been through, it doesn’t even matter or pricked our mind on losing confidence between each of us, because our bonds are strong and powerful, more likely to be like the Vanda Waals attraction between the nucleus of an atom with its electrons.

Kuching maybe small but its soul is enormous, the elements of love, care and hope is the factor of the powerfulness of Kuching. I enjoy living in Kuching, I had my cakes and ales with friends here. Even in a small city like Kuching, I still learnt a lot since I was borned it, now I’m almost graduate and end my high school life here. Our school may not be the best, our teacher may not be the tops, our students may not be geniuses listed in the “10 Most Genius Children In The World”, our restaurants may not be rated five stars, our facilities may not be able to compare with other cities and our buildings may not be higher enough to compete with Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, KL Tower, Taipei 101, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, and many more, but still I felt very proud of Kuching. Kuching is a wonderland and a paradise to me, do you felt the same too?

Kuching is a home sweet home for me, everytime whenever go for long travelling or holilday, I’ll miss Kuching very much. I never missed introducing our beautiful Kuching to my friends across other countries.  GOD BLESS KUCHING!!!