Kuching for me is an extraordinary and a very wonderful place


Kuching for me is an extraordinary and a very wonderful place. And I am very happy that Kuching is my hometown. The place is actually very magical if you think about it. We can see amazing sunrises and sunsets here, different races of people living together in harmony, all kinds of delicious and exquisite delicacies, and a vast array of flora and fauna.

Now, Kuching may not be a very big city but it has the qualities that makes the city unique. Because it is not a big city we can go from one place to another within a short amount of time. There is no rushing around. We also have amazing shopping complexes here as well. And not to mention the beautiful beaches and lakes. Yes! Especially the beaches. I still remember a few months ago, my family and I were planning a trip to the Damai Beach Resort. We were going to stay a few nights there and, boy, excited was I because who doesn’t like beaches and seasides? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those beautiful seashells on the seashore. Soon, the day came and it was time to hit the road. We loaded all of our things into the car began our journey.


To be honest, it is the journey there that I am most excited about. When we are out of the city, I can see lush green forests on both sides of the car, bright and golden paddy fields ready for harvest, and the magnificent view of Mount Santubong, with a history that goes way back. I’ve only ever climbed the mountain once but I would love to do it again. And just a few kilometres from here, the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia, would be seen blooming majestically. I guess Kuching is unique partly because of the natural things. I like nature, nature always fascinates me. In busy cities like Kuala Lumpur, you don’t always get to see things like that. If you live in the city, in order to get to the countryside you will have to drive a pretty long way and that will take at least, maybe, two or three hours. I am very thankful that I live in Kuching because Kuching is a quiet and peaceful place, unlike other places, and also a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The road there was quite long, maybe because of all the traffics. But it was all right because the day was a good day. There wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky so it was all blue around. The day almost felt perfect. Almost. I was getting sleepy in the car and a Taylor Swift’s song was playing in the radio. I fell asleep for about five minutes before we finally arrived at the resort. We don’t have a lot of beach resorts here in Kuching so of course, the place was packed with people, both locals and tourists. We checked in into our rooms, and it was not very big. Then we went outside and played. I was having so much fun at the pool and at the beach that time went by so fast without me knowing it. Soon, it was night time.

Everyone was fast asleep and I was the only one still awaked. I laid in bed and rolled around uncomfortably. After a while, I decided I should take a stroll on the beach. So I sneaked out of my hotel room quietly and ran. The night was cold and the wind was crawling on my skin, and I could feel the wet sand tickling at my foot. My stomach was still quite full from dinner. We ate at a nearby seafood restaurant and had fresh seafoods like crabs, fishes and prawns. Now that is another thing I like about Kuching, that is the fresh seafoods. Nothing can be more delicious than eating fresh foods. The authentic feel to it. Unlike some other places, they can store foods for a very long time and still serve them to customers. But I am thankful because restaurants in Kuching does not do that. And if the temperature is too hot, I can just drink some cool coconut water. And since we are near the beach, the coconuts are fresh too.

I walk around for about five minutes and then I stopped and sat down. I looked up to the sky and suddenly, I felt so glad and thankful that I’m living here at Kuching. Because we do not have seasons here like winter or autumn or spring, we do not get natural calamities like hailstorms, tornado, or earthquake, and other disastrous events. Although we may get tsunami here. There are not much stars at the sky tonight but I can still make out some constellations. It is peaceful here and I like it. I am glad Kuching still has places that are peaceful. Sometimes, my thoughts can be jumbled up and when it does, it would literally make no sense. My thoughts are like stars I cannot fathom into constellations. And looking up at the sky calms it, it made me realize that they are still beautiful things out there. I went back to bed after a little while.

Our trip went on for two more days, and it was amazing. I’ve had collected a whole bucket full of seashells! And they are all very different, form in different shapes and sizes. But the time eventually came and it was time to packed things up and go home. My dad checked out of the hotel, put all the bags into the back of the car, and started our journey back to the city.

Although some people may have some things that they disliked about Kuching, or even hate it, for some reason. Well, it is their fault for not being able to see the beauty in things. I love Kuching, not just because it is my hometown, but my love is to all the magical and wonderful things in the city. Kuching for me is truly an extraordinary and a very wonderful place.