Kuching for me is home, family and friends

Kuching for me is home, family and friends.

Are you someone famous in your hometown because everyone seems to know you!” quipped my guest from New Zealand as we were waiting for our flight to Singapore at the KIA Departure Lounge. I must have stopped by and said hello to half a dozen people at least that morning.

No way!! I’m just a regular middle class housewife.” I answered.

In my hometown Kuching being the very small and communal city that it is, everyone knows just about almost someone or anyone the reason being we are a small, unique and close knit community. Not only that Kuchingites are well known for their warmth, generosity and hospitality. A true charm of this place. And I must say I like it this way. Very much. It makes me very proud to introduce myself as a Kuchingite indeed!

You stop by to say and catch up at the departing lounge, the kopitiams, at the park, your children s school, at the wet market etc. Ha, even when queuing up for the toilets at the mall.

You connect with your cousins, relatives, friends, friends of friends and your family’s friends and so and so’s next of kin.

Back at my “kampung” or residential area where I’ve been staying close to two decades, acquaintances, and friends at the neighborhood park where I exercise would notice if I were to go missing for a few days sometimes due to travels or sheer procrastination.

Wherever I may be traveling, I kind of miss this city after a while. And when the plane touches down, I’m already planning to hit my favorite kopitiam to indulge in the Kuchingites’ staple, the “kolok mee”.

Last of all, Kuching to me is where I can look up in the sky above after a thunderstorm and gawk in awe at the beauty of the marshmallow clouds at dusk. Truly God s work of art. And the tambang that leisurely takes you across the Sarawak river bring with it a romantic and nostalgic feeling of another place in time.

Kuching maybe just a small city without the hustle and bust of other cities like KL or Singpore but to me its communal character with its small quaint old towns where you can escape to for an indulgence of local delicacies is so very perfect for me. The old and new interwoven in this city. So rich in colonial history and traditions.

Its mostly awesome people, Its sunset and my favorite food kachangma and tomato noodles – ah! Well, that sums up what Kuching is for me.